Fall in Oregon

Fall is absolutely beautiful here in Oregon… We are so blessed to live in a place that has an enormous amount of outdoor-goodness. Sure, it rains a lot – and by that I mean there are only 75 days per year considered “sunny” in our particular area- but, the scenery, mountains, seasons and millions of different shades of greens this state has to offer is simply incredible. The pictures were taken all in our thirty-minute walk from our home.


20141104_130339 20141104_124849

20141104_124825 20141104_125001 20141104_124846 20141104_125310 20141104_125504


20141104_125837 20141104_125931

I am wearing a shirt/dress from my favorite small boutique, Velvet Edge. I love all their stuff. Every time I go in, I end up buying something. This soft, lace-sleeved, tunic is one of my favorite pieces from Velvet Edge. It can be worn many different ways: with shorts, boyfriend jeans (one of my favorite ways to style it) or leggings, as I show here.ย  I added some color to this white + black combo with a chunky necklace. I am a huge sucker for chunky necklaces! To make this outfit a bit more modest, I put on some knee-length white spandex underneath. I didn’t find that they took away from the look, and it made me feel more comfortable, which is very important!

Lastly, I wore Hunter rain boots. These are a MUST here in Oregon. Especially being a student and walking around on a campus in the rain all day. No rain boots= wet socks= no fun. The purple color is a really great way to add a pop and to mix-match with different things. It’s so easy to throw on black leggings, a sweatshirt (I find myself doing this when I have accidentally over slept in the morning) and then these boots. You can go to class and the Hunters bring the entire outfit all together!

Speaking of being comfortable, I am a firm believer that if you like it, WEAR IT; no matter what any person, magazine, orย  “celebrity-stylist” has to say about it.

if you like it wear it copyTo add to that thought, I am not always one who has the time and/or the patience to get up a little earlier each morning and decide on a cute outfit. I love fashion and find it is a great way to express oneself through a physical form of art, and boost confidence when you feel really awesome about a beautiful outfit you threw together. With that being said, I don’t always put extra effort into my personal style before I leave my house, often because I don’t have the time to. Typically, you’ll find me in comfortable pants, or my favorite Paige jeans, and a simple T-shirt. This is what I’m most comfortable in, while still feeling put-together and confident. I think girls and women can feel empowered to leave the house in either form! Hair in a bun? Who cares! Didn’t have time to put on mascara before you left the house? You’re beautiful!

Seriously though, as soon as I got home from this shoot, I took this (though incredibly cute) outfit off and put on leggings and a coat to go to class. I thought to myself, “why am I doing this? I love this outfit!” Then I thought, “because I want to, and I will be more comfortable that way.” This is my go-to “I don’t care, I’m comfy” look. So, wherever you are, however you are, I encourage you to just be YOU! Comfortable, confident, happy, healthy, YOU, however that may look.



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