Free People + A Free Soul


The trees are at their peak colors. I mean, look at those leaves!! โ‡ˆ There is something about taking a moment to look up from your phone and admire the beautiful fall leaves, nature, puddles and smell of rain around you.

I put together today’s look by following the warm, cozy, November-feely mood I was in (notice the socks-only fashion statement haha). Free People has so many things that you could fit into these categories, that also have the potential to easily be dressed up, too, with heels and/or jewelry. The dark red color of the sweater is one of my favorites to wear, especially in fall and winter.

I just got these destroyed boyfriend-fit jeans, which I wanted to wear immediately, but they are not so great for the cold weather here- all that cold breeze sneaking into those holes. No, thank you! So, I slipped on a pair of grey leggings underneath them, which worked great. It made the look a bit more modest and a lot more warm; and when I am warm, I am happy haha. My husband knows this well. I have found that you can alter your favorite summer outfits to work in the winter, too, such as I did with this one. You can add leggings and boots to your favorite shorts or skirts, and a cute knit sweater over your favorite tank or T-shirt.

Today I’ll be drinking my green tea, with lots of cuddles and relaxing on this cozy Sunday in my cozy sweater. I hope you all have a healthy, productive, kick-butt week! I encourage each of you to go out this week and do something rebellious. Do something you enjoy, maybe, that you haven’t had the time to do in a long time. Do something for you this week, you deserve it. Be YOU!



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