Walkin’ in an Autumn Wonderland

20141111_13214320141111_13202320141111_12560420141111_125128 20141111_12585920141111_13195920141111_130729(0)Wow. It really is a Fall wonderland. We were able to catch some sunshine for the photos (even though it never got above 40 degrees). Being outdoors is something that I could never get enough of. Every season brings different holidays, feelings of excitement, and beautiful landscapes for us to feast our eyes upon. It’s something that every single person can enjoy, without having to pay an entry fee or be told “the outdoors is now closing and it’s time for you to go home.” Nope. The river rushes, the birds chirp, the squirrels play and the wind blows, all while I am stuck in an office working, or in a classroom learning. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and my major; but, in my perfect world, I would wake up each morning and visit a new place, see new things, meet new people and take in everything around me. But alas, I will continue to work and get my education – in something that I absolutely LOVE- so that I can reach my goals and blah blah. This is the daily struggle. But, we can most definitely choose to enjoy every step along the way, including admiring the beautiful changes of the seasons all around us; and if by chance, while on our journey of life, we find something that brings us more happiness and joy than our current situation, we can run with it and see where we end up. It’s never too late.

Back to reality! — This look revolved around this gorgeous pencil skirt by Anthropologie. Their stuff is AMAZING, but can sometimes be a little pricy for a poor college student, like myself. This one was gifted to me by my wonderful mother. Thanks, Mom! Also, the skirt has a slit up the side that makes the it way less modest than it looks here on me. I actually sewed part of the slit together, which took all of about fifteen minutes. It was one of those things I saw on the rack,ย  just had to try on and then when I got into the dressing room it was perfect! (Almost). The slit was just a little too high for me! So I thought, “I can fix this,” and bought it anyway. I absolutely adore this skirt and feel awesome and comfortable in my slightly altered version of it. I paired it with a cropped sweater from Velvet Edge Boutique, one of my favorite places to find cute clothes in my city. I wore tights with this skirt because it was way too cold not to, and I love the sleekness it added to the look. On bottom, I am wearing booties from DSW shoes.ย  I have had these forever, and love that they can be worn many different ways with many different outfits (that is my go-to kind of shoe). The necklace was also a gift, but it’s from Forever 21, which always has cheap and cute accessories.

Outfit details:



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