Boho Chic

The sunshine was so beautiful during this Arizona sunset that we just had to pull over and take some photos, and boy am I glad we did!

If I could wear an outfit like this everyday, my life would be complete. Just kidding (kind of). But I am really in love with beautiful flowy tops paired with textured and/or different leggings – comfortable and totally gorgeous. Almost everything I have on in this look is Free People. They are the pros when it comes to “boho chic,” my favorite. I love how this sweater is tight in the arms and then flowy all around, and open in the middle, giving your body those flowing fabrics without making you look boxy all around (and perfectly modest!). The tight fit in the arms is what does it for me; then the opening that gives a peak of the beautiful lace dress underneath- ahh perfection. I snagged these cute sandals from Nordstrom Rack for $15.99 and, of course, had to ask my hubby if I could buy them and he always says yes when I ask in that “please please please” baby voice – he’s such a sweetie. Yes! This sweet floppy hat is Peter Grimm, I got it at my local Burch’s. It wasn’t the cheapest, but I loved it because I knew I would be able to wear it year-round and mix and match it many different ways – I will demonstrate this more in a later post. Last, but certainly not least, those Flash Tats. I bought these in the summer time when I started seeing them all over my Instagram and expected to only wear them on special occasions and other special events; but, more and more companies have popped up and started manufacturing all different sorts of styles and colors – for super cheap!! So, now, they are accessible to me in my small town, instead of just online. I can wear my Flash Tats daily and go grab more whenever I run out at even Claire’s for around 5 bucks. Awesome.

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I am not a huge makeup person. Not because I don’t approve or because I have perfect skin- I most definitely do not; but I just haven’t ever gotten the hang of applying it! If any of you ladies have any sort of tips, favorite products, or even video tutorials, please share in the comments below! I would love any help out in the makeup department! Usually, I just throw on some mascara and call it good; which is fine, but I am ready to spice it up a bit.

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