Christmas Jammies

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I adore Christmas time. The “Christmas Spirit,” people full of good cheer, the gift giving, decorating the house, sparkly lights on the tree, spending time with family, and enjoying scrumptious meals together. What is there not to love?! Well, for me, this year, it was just all too much. The planning, the excitement and the anticipation all engulfed me and I had forgotten what Christmas is really about. I wanted everything to be perfect with shiny bouncy bows and to see everyone’s face light up when they opened my gift. With only 24 hours left to finish the million last-minute things I HAD to get and HAD to wrap and HAD to prepare, I may have cried a few tears and felt sorry for myself. Then I thought: this is not Christmas. The holiday has been diminished by the media, more and more each year, to a race of who can find all the best deals, buy all the best gifts, and decorate their home with the most lights. I am guilty in that I have given into these false ideals of Christmas, and forgotten the true meaning. The season is a celebration of family, love, light, and peace. How could I have gotten so caught up in all the silliness that I laugh and shake my head at constantly?! That could never be me! Alas, it was. So, shortly after I had this epiphany, I changed everything I was doing, my entire mindset. I focused everything I was doing on the spirit of love. I tried to think to myself: “Is this really necessary? Is this going to help me share love for freely, or is this unnecessary ‘fluff’?” When I had this in mind, I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and was much happier. It was one of the best visits I have ever had with my family this Christmas. I can’t explain the love and laughter, forgiveness and respect that my little brothers showed me. Who knew my little siblings would actually teach me something?

Okay, let’s just take a second to relish in these adorb Christmas jammies I snagged at Tilly’s for $16!! WHA!! It was awesome. I actually had fallen in love more with the black overalls, which I blogged about in a past post , and decided I should only get one thing and try to stick to our budget. I ended up giving in and going back a few days later because I couldn’t stop thinking about how cute they were… haha. How can I resist the 50% off sale!? Anyway, I am glad I did because they are so comfy! I am also wearing a coin necklace (at least that’s what I am calling it) from Urban Outfitters. I have been scoping on necklaces like this for months. I have been seeing different types and variations of them in many different places. I finally decided I would buy one with some Christmas money I was gifted- score! I am excited to show how you can wear it with almost anything. I am a huge fan of chunky necklaces and this one is most definitely my new favorite.

The photo of the ornament that reads “our 1st x-mas” was from the trunk mine and my husband’s first Christmas together last year. It was so much fun to get to hang it up on the tree this year!

I hope your Christmas season has been merry and bright!

love, the Smiths ❤

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