Happy New Year!

Chanelle Number One//Fashion + Lifestyle BlogChanelle Number One//Fashion + Lifestyle BlogChanelle Number One//Fashion + Lifestyle Blog Chanelle Number One//Fashion + Lifestyle BlogChanelle Number One//Fashion + Lifestyle Blog

A new year, a new you! Welcoming in a new year is a great time to update goals, reflect on the successes and failures of the year past, and, for me, contemplate what I can do to make mine and my family’s life healthier, happier, and full of much more travel and adventure. This year, my husband and I wrote out and talked about what we want to accomplish and see happen in our lives in 2015. We decided to start holding each other accountable, and to kindly remind each other of those goals when needed. Some of my resolutions included: spend less time on social media- Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc.- and more time being really in the moment with my friends and family, eat cleaner + healthier, read my scriptures and pray every single day, show more patience and kindness to everyone around me, focus on doing more work/jobs/schooling that is bettering myself and aligns with my dreams and passions and last, but definitely not least,ย I want my blog to empower and inspire women to be themselves completely, fearlessly and wholly-WHATEVER that may be . I want to build relationships with other awesome, creative people and expand my knowledge of fashion and personal expression by collaborating with different and unique brands, businesses, artists, designers and labels. Bring on the new year!

Funny story: this outfit was actually what I had on to head into work on New Years Eve, when I met a coworker walking out of our building who informed me that the office was closing, unbeknownst to me,ย  at noon due to the holiday (it was about 11:55 at this time). So, no work for me! I had my whole day open and had no other plans… so, what do I do? Photo shoot! Yipee! haha. I incorporated the amazing vest that I featured in my very first post in a slightly different, more professional look. This vest pretty much goes well with everything and anything. I love oxford flats, as seen here, and I think I am going to invest in some more. They are perfect for work or play, and are just so cute! (especially if you aren’t a huge heel wearer, like myself). Also, I added my new favorite “coin necklace” from Urban Outfitters.

Outfit details:



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