Thrifted Skirt

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I am so excited to blog about this amazing skirt I discovered for $8! That’s right, folks: 8 dollars. Sometimes when I go thrift shopping, I am unsuccessful. But, other times, I am very lucky and looking in just the right places, then BAM. I find a beauty like this that makes all those unsuccessful times completely worth it! I was surprised when I read “Forever 21” on the skirt’s tag. It is not something that you will typically see in their store, at least in my findings. I am convinced that it is some sort of vintage/old-style Forever 21. Nevertheless, I am so happy that it ended up finding it’s home with me!

We were fortunate enough to have a day without rain to take some photos. Oregon gets even more green in the winter with all the rain, and it’s breathtaking.

I styled this amazing skirt with a Free-People top and a few accessories. Body chains are becoming more and more popular, and I cannot believe it has taken this long for the world to catch on! I love to style them with a plain top and wear my hair up, to accentuate the back piece of the jewelry, since they go all the way around your body. I added some adorable bangles by Free-People to finish off this look. The bangles always give the outfit a bohemian-feel, which I already had going on with the skirt.

Happy three-day-weekend, everybody!



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