Lipstick and Cheetah Print

Utah is slowly beginning to lose all of its magical fall colors. It was beautiful for a few weeks there, and now it’s naturally falling away (see what I did there?). However, we found this large, loud, yellow tree and couldn’t help but pull over and snap a few photos!



I am obsessed with this cheetah print fur coat! Its faux fur is silky soft, super warm, and “fab,” as my friend, Sydney, would say 🙂 Annnnnddd I bought it for $12 bucks at a second-hand store! Win!

I paired it with my new favorite pair of simple black jeans that have the cutest knee holes and my favorite birkenstocks. I love that these jeans are a bit high-waisted, as it is much more flattering for someone with my body type. I stole my husband’s beanie and glasses for a few photos, which weren’t originally part of my vision for this outfit, but worked out well. I am also wearing my favorite Amazonite stone around my neck. It has some amazing uses. The Mac lipstick I am wearing is my go-to shade. It’s fun and bold but not too crazy, hence its name: “Rebel.” Lip stick is about the only makeup I experiment with, so I like to try new shades often.

I have definitely noticed differences in fashion from the PNW to here in Utah. I sometimes feel a little too “hippie” out here – ha! I never thought I’d say that. But, I think the difference has pressured me to be more unapologetically me. I like that I don’t wear things that look like what everyone else wears. I like to be different. Sometimes, though, I like to fit in, too. That’s what’s great about fashion. You can wear something different everyday to express how you’re feeling or send a message. Think of all the possibilities! I get excited about this stuff. Whatever you wear, or don’t wear, just be you. If I can do it, you can do it too.

Outfit Details


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